Pre-Toddlers at Oak Tree Nursery
Full & Part Time Day Care & Creche


This room caters for ten  1-2 year olds with a maximum of four staff.  
The unders 2s are given regular opportunity to explore:   
Children at this age respond to plenty of one to one interaction, but are encouraged to make as many chocies for themselves as possible.   
All children love to explore, and it is exploratory instinct in babies and pre-toodlers that is nutured at Oaktree Day Nursery.   
We aim to make their days enjoyable with lots of fun and laughter. 
The pre-toddlers room has ample carpet space for soft play. The room is kept clean, warm, safe and well ventilated. It is always cosy, welcoming and very well equipped. The children play with plenty of bright stimulating toys as  well as being allowed the opportunity to explore interesting and safe household objects - just as they would at home.     
after lunch,the children are gently settled to sleep as staff watch over them.  
Babies and toddlers are taken outside whenever possible,to encourage physical and social development Babies only stay out for short periods of time and never in mid-day sun or unsuitable conditions.     
Daily records using birth to three matters and the EYFS will be maintained to allow parents to oversee their child's daily routine  and progress. Termly reviews will be added and parents can spend time reading these and adding any comments or requests. Staff make themselves available to discuss your childs daily development. 

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